Nails, Nails, and More Nails!

So, I'm still doing the absolute most with my nails and I just wanted to share some pics with you all. I pull my inspiration from art, artists I love and social media pics. I have seriously been making my manicurist work for her money and I have no shame in it (don't worry, I tip). 


Lana Del Rey red stiletto nails


I LOVE Lana Del Rey and her nails, but I also love my day job as a legal secretary (well... I love paying my bills on time, anyway,) so I can't go too long because then I can't type. So the latter is my version. They still came out pretty cool, though.  



red flame nails


Got lots of compliments on these babies...


And these...



Does anyone else for more powerful/sexy/brave with their shiny, red claws or is it just me?

I'll let you all know where my nail obsession takes me next. 'Til then, I'll be working on some new pieces (yes... they're coming. I haven't forgotten). 




"The price we pay for being ourselves is worth it."

                                               - Eartha Kitt

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